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The truth injection

The truth Injection: More New World Order exposed.
truth injection

DVD: time: 1h20m

This release from the Reality Films label seeks to build the argument that a number of early 21st century global conspiracies exist, designed to turn contemporary society into a totalitarian "New World Order." 

This order, it argues, will be characterized by the government-engineered proliferation of rampant diseases including Swine Flu, the legalization of pedophilia in the European Union, "Napoleonic Laws" designed to restrict everyday freedoms, and many other horrors. 
In addition to making dire predictions about the future, the program draws on a series of current and past events that it uses as evidence to build its case, some of them tied to Donald Rumsfeld and the members of British Parliament.
democracy, fascism

Paperback, Hardcover, 96 pages.

Democracy is not a universal good, it is a political system, and like all political systems it is open to corruption. 

The word 'democracry' means 'rule by the people' not rule by a simple majority. 
To achieve rule by all the people, it used to be accepted that as much of civil life should be kept out of party politics as possible. A mixed constitution was one way of achieving this. 

By absorbing into itself the institutions of civil society, the modern democratic state has become an ever more pervasive 'tyranny of the majority' accountable to the electorate only once every few years. 
The powers it has assumed, together with the powers of corporations, represent a 'new world order' that respects neither freedom, the individual, the vulnerable nor, in a true sense, the rule of law.
Growing up as the grandson of Sir Oswald, the 1930s blackshirt leader, made Ivo Mosley consider fascism witha deep and acutely personal interest, which has informed the writing of this book.
Corporatism: The secret Government of the New world Order.
Paperback, 236 pages.

Monopolistic mega-corporations control all basic resources and items that world citizens depend on for their daily survival-not just food, resource-goods, or medicine, but also things like water, information, transportation, education, and even consciousness.

Each of these corporations is controlled by tiny numbers of unelected, militaristic, fascistic labor-lords-called corporatists-who are outside of media attention and who exercise their power to such an extent that they will do anything-including obliterate and destroy the spirit and consciousness of citizens worldwide (including children). 

This book is an existential, empirical, economic, and psychological study of how corporations dominate the globe to the point that humanity worldwide is reduced to little more than a crushed, defeated mob of uneducated, brainwashed, and tormented beings - who are often tricked into believing they are free, as is the case with middle and upper class Americans. 

The corporatists secretly control the governments and major control agencies of the world: 
the UN, the CIA the WTO, the WHO, the FDA, medical schools and universities, the Federal Reserve, the world's militaries, farming, mass media, and religions-and that is just a partial list. 

The Secret Government of the New World Order shows that corporatism is the real underlying issue from which literally all major human problems now and in the past derive from; and the other issues that people usually imagine are the real underlying causes of humanity's problems (the politicians, war, human nature, greed, religion, problems with parenting and the education system, etc.), are just symptoms of the real problem, which iscorporatism.

In this book, Professor Grupp proves that the United States is a corporatist nation no different in fact from the communist horror-states described in books such as Orwell's 1984. 
Corporatism shows that in the near future America will be a full-fledged prison nation that will ultimately merge into the corporatist global "prison planet" that Hitler was initially attempting to set up, and which is now called the New World Order.

The trillion dollar Conspiracy

jim Marrs
( Jim Marrs )

America's economy is in shambles. . . .Its citizens are terrified and dissatisfied. . . .

Could it all have been planned by a secret elite one hundred years ago?
The New World Order. Hitler referred to it in his diaries. 
President George HW Bush foretold of it in his speeches. 
Formed by a secretive global elite, the group seeking this new order has taken hold of the nation—and perhaps the world. 

Its influence pervades every reach of American society, from the products we buy at the grocery store to the topics of evening news programs.
But could it also be true that the New World Order caused one of the greatest financial catastrophes of our time?
For years, bestselling author and legendary conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs has exposed information that the mainstream corporate media has refused to report. 
Now, with a crisis upon us, Marrs has yet again unearthed the lies to expose the insidious alliances that make up a secret..

New World Order

new world order, Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a radio talk-show host based in Texas who has attracted a passionate following for his commentaries in which he explains his belief that a powerful underground one-world government secretly rules the world. 
Jones contends that the attacks on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX, were ordered without provocation by Janet Reno and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to silence David Koresh and keep him from spreading his anti-authoritarian philosophy, and that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were staged by the government in order to strip American citizens of their freedoms in the name of security. 

Jones has followers and like-minded supporters around the world, and he and his compatriots have faced arrest and jail terms in order to spread the word by staging protests and setting up amateur surveillance operations to monitor the annual meetings of a Bilderberg Group, a private enclave of important figures in politics, economics, and world trade whom Jones (among others) is convinced pull the strings behind the New World Order. 
Does Jones know something most people don't, or are he and his listeners oddball conspiracy buffs who have come to believe in a bogeyman that doesn't really exist?
Filmmakers Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel allow Jones and a handful of his supporters to speak for themselves in the documentary New World Order, which chronicles their ongoing battle against a movement most people don't think is happening. 
New World Order received its world premiere at the 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival.

New World Order Oligarchy

new world order
Paperback, 220 pages

Doctor Bill Warner and Nurse Mary Swanson portray two real life healthcare professionals who tried to stop the pervasive takeover of our country and the deregulation of their professional healthcare standards. 

And by fighting this disparity in their service to humankind, they inadvertently placed their families' and their own lives at risk. 
Eventually they realized this problem was promoted by a very wealthy international Oligarchy, which had coerced this country's politicians into passing the 1946 McCarran Ferguson Act, which deregulated and decentralized FDR's once world-renowned community rated healthcare prepayment system, immediately following FDR's death. 

At a meeting with former President Gerald Ford, Dr. Warner was told the healthcare system would have to collapse before today's dysfunctional Congress would ever give up their gifts and benefits from this shadow government. 
They also learned this Oligarchy protects their vast fortune of gold bullion in the Swiss Illuminati Bank of Rome, all acquired from their many wars, political scams, and acquisition of natural resources. 
Yes, this novel is based on actual events, which should motivate every American to become involved ─ for this time we have no place to run!

Angels and Demons revealed

Conspiracy theorists have long spoken of the Illuminati, believed to be a secret society with ties to the Freemasons who have been the power behind the scenes for many of the most important and chaotic events of the past three centuries. 
While little hard evidence of the existence of the Illuminati has surfaced since the organization was first described in the late 1700s, this documentary attempts to prove that the group not only exists, but are planning a devastating assault upon the world. 

Angels and Demons Revealed presents the argument that the Illuminati are involved in a widespread plot against the Catholic Church and the Vatican, and have stockpiled unusual weapons in an bid to seize control of the world's governments.
angels n demons

Inside the Bilderberg group

Pdf with 48 pages, 15 mb.
How much influence do private networks of the rich and powerful have on government policies and international relations? 

One group , the Bilderberg, has often attracted speculation that it forms a shadowy global government.
Report with exclusive pictures of documents taken from the private files of a long-time member.

inside Bilderberg(Free)

The Illuminati papers

( Robert Anton Wilson ) ebook with 1,37 mb, 161 pages
Is history a vast conspiracy? A cosmic joke?

Discover the truth - maybe - in the long-awaited new edition of Robert Anton Wilson's classic cult bestseller The Illuminati Papers. 
Created as a vehicle to amuse and enlighten, the story of the Illuminati has attracted devoted readers world-wide, who have found in it a perfect metaphor for our times.

illuminati papers( Free )

Rothschild Money Trust

Pdf with 227 pages, 1,4 mb.

Judge George Washington Armstrong wrote this wonderfully interesting and terribly important book in the midst of World War II. In 1940, the crucial issue was whether or not the Roosevelt administration would defy American political precedent by seeking a third term and simultaneously ignore the will of the American people by entering into the European war.

Within the corpus of this text, Armstrong puts forth a very lucid and lawyerly argument that the force that impelled America on this route of disaster was the international banking empire of the Rothschild Money Trust. The posture taken by Judge Armstrong was well stated in the context in which he wrote and has been absolutely verified by subsequent events.

The Rothschild Empire.
The Protocols are Authentic
The Mighty Rothschild Power
The Murder gang,
The Subjugation of America
Deflation of 1937
Slavery, and more…
rothschild money(free)

Depopulation of a Planet

( Rick Martin )
Pdf with 957 kb, 103 pages.

This document, compiled in 1995, is one of the most important ever written
on the subject of how this world is controlled.
Why do we have wars?
Why is there mass unemployment?
Who promotes world ‘crises’, ‘cults’, drugs and terrorism - then promotes their solutions?
Who appoints the leaders of nations? (and you thought they were elected!)
Why do you get flu?
How vaccination causes disease
Find out who created the AIDS virus
Where did all these other terrifying new diseases come from?

 ( Free )

Saucers of the Illuminati


Paperback, hardcover, 148 pages.
Groundbreaking research for the truth behind stories of alien invasion, secret underground bases, and secret plans for the New World Order. 

Conspiracy expert Keith’s final book on UFOs exposes the secret, sinister cabal that manufactures UFOs and uses them for their own purposes:
the control and manipulation of the population of Earth. Chapters cover mind control, saucer abductions, the MJ-12 documents, cattle mutilations, government anti-gravity testing, the Sirius Connection, and include

*The Process of Decoding òThe Human Factor
*A Symbolic Odyssey
*Increase of Resolution
*Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati
*The Sirius Connection
*Demons and Adepts
*Occult Espionage

Paperback, 237 pages.
THE EMERGING NEW WORLD ORDER A depraved satanic cult called the Illuminati is waging a covert war against humanity. This is the key to understanding mankind's tragic history and current predicament. 

For more than a thousand years, Cabalist money lenders have conspired to usurp power from church and aristocracy, according to a plan detailed in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." 

This plan does not represent Jews, but only a small cabal of bankers who organized in Masonic secret societies. They intermarried with prominent Gentiles and formed a vast occult and criminal underground. 
They are stealthily constructing a totalitarian world government. 
Taking God's place, secularism is a transition step to their Satanism. 
They involve nations in needless wars and enthrall the masses with porn, violence, trivia and toys. 

They attack our sources of identity and love - God (religion); family (gender); country and race - in order to stymie and dehumanize us. Sounds incredible, but after reading some of these 90 short essays, you'll nod in agreement. 
Their goal is to control your mind. If you know the truth, they can't.

Masks of the Illuminati


Paperback, 368 pages. Famous novel of: Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson uses the two greatest scientific and artistic minds of the 20th Century to solve a mystery whose roots may reach back for millenia. Are they up to the task? 

Well yes and no. 
The important thing is Wilson is able to show us, in a very exciting and terrifying manner, quite believable and comprehensible insights into the minds of Albert Einstein and James Joyce as they ettempt to tackle that mystery of mysteries... "who are the Illuminati and what do they want?" In this book are mind boggling-ideas, brilliant nonsense and frighteneing notions that are that much scarier for seeming to make sense.

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